Solstice Unplugged

We’re way too jacked in. As evidenced by the numerous tweets along the lines of “its beautiful outside, need to get outside.” So we're planning to celebrate the first day of summer by getting unplugged and connecting outside in the sun.

A day in the sunshine. Good times that includes good conversations with good people like you! The day begins at a meetup spot that will have coffee and muffins waiting. A festive day will continue outside with beer and/or wine.
First day of summer - Saturday, June 21, 2008
From 10 AM - 5PM
Gray Whale Cove State Beach
On Devils Slide - between Pacifica and Montara
Map & Directions
Because we could all use a day to unplug and get outside. It's very clear that we like to be connected but let's do so away from the laptop, preferably somewhere without a cellular signal, and in a naturally inspring place – like the beach or the woods.
You! And your friends. Your significant other. Your children. Kids of all ages have the right to celebrate the first day of summer.
You in?
We need a head count for food & booze, so sign up for the event at: Upcoming or Facebook

June 20, 2008: Latest updates and announcements

Arriving and Finding Us

Holly and J.J. will be in the Gray Whale Cove parking lot at 10 am. We'll have coffee and a morning snack waiting for those who want to join us. The parking lot is not big. Just look for my silver Ford Escape and a green wheelbarrow with a keg of beer in it. Doubt there will be more than one green wheelbarrow in the parking lot tomorrow morning.

Around 11 am or so, we're going to transport everything down to the beach. Anyone who gets there early enough to join us for coffee and help us carry stuff down to the beach gets a big thank you and a hug.

Once we're on the beach...the green wheelbarrow with a keg in it should be a good landmark to look for.  The cove is not that big.  Finding us should be easy.

What you should bring

Hopefully, we're all smart enough to know that wearing layers is the way to go.  The walk to the beach is very easy.  Can be done in sandals and even bare feet. 

If you are bringing kids, bring some beach toys.  You can never have enough shovels and pails at the beach.

A beach blanket isn't a bad idea, either.

Yes, you can bring your cell phones...but when on the beach, they probably won't get a signal.  So they'll be kind of useless.

Most importantly...bring your smiles and be ready for a good time.

"Talking shop"

Yes, you can talk about work.  This is a networking event, after all. But the general rule is you have to have a drink in your hand to do so.

What if the weather is bad?

If the fog rolls in, the plan is to go ahead at the beach.  We will bring a fire pit just in case.  Grey Whale Cove has a non beach section that we'll organize in if needed.  If the skies totally darken and it rains (very, very unlikely) follow Holly and I on Twitter for the latest updates.  Or give us a call at 650.989.5001

Photos and stuff

We're using to archive photos from the event.  The drop is located at You can go that url to add photos and notes.
You can also email your pics and thoughts to

The official event Tag is: unpluggedsummer08

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What are you doing?

"Wanting to go outside and play. Screw grading final exams!"

"its a beautiful day in the neighborhood... im stuck inside !"

"it is too gorgeous outside to be inside at work"

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